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M/s. Inter Continent Chemicals India Ltd., Mumbai
is a 33 year old manufacturing company with 3 production facilities having capacity in excess of 24000 MT per annum. Currently, our activities include Specialty Chemicals for Textile, Paper & Pulp, Leather and Plastic, Intermediates for Agriculture, Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Reactive Dyes and Commercial Construction. We manufacture most of our specialty polymers in our highly modernized plants in India to provide cost advantage to our valuable customers along with strong Technical Backing.

For past 17 years, we have technical collaboration with AMITECH, Inc. NJ, USA [APPOLO CHEMICALS CORPORATIONS] in the field of textiles for super– specialty range of chemicals. Furthermore, we jointly exhibited at ITMA– SINGAPORE 2005, where we introduced various novel concepts – including, Flame Retardants, Wicking Finish, Anti – Microbial, etc.

We undertake complete Process Audit along with written proposal and implementation of the recommendations therein that encompasses:

Machine Intelligence Study

Process Sequence Study

Chemical knowledge

Development of new finishes for the premium market

Cost Optimization

Quality Upgradation

Providing valuable trade leads to our customers